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Earliest Symptoms of Lung Cancer

December 26, 2018

Lung Cancer often does not produce any symptoms in its early stage and people may get diagnosed with it once the disease has advanced. The symptoms are also likely to develop as the cancer progresses.

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It may be little harder to detect the early symptoms and therefore, you need to be more cautious. We have listed here few early symptoms of lung cancer that you should consider seriously. If you notice any of these symptoms, then see a specialist immediately.

Keep a track of when you feel you short of breath or winded. If you are getting short of breath after climbing stairs or doing any work, go to doctor without any delay.

2. A persistent cough A normal cough may be due to any respiratory infection or cold and will subsidize in a week or two. However, if it stays for long, then this persistent cough may be a sign of lung cancer, whether it is dry or has mucus. See a doctor right away.

3. Sudden drop in weight If you are experiencing a sudden drop in your weight and that too without any dieting or fitness routine, then it may be alarming. It may be a sign that a tumour is growing inside your body. The significant drop in the weight can be visible as the cancer cells use all the energy of the body. It is not necessary that it is a symptom of lung cancer only, but any other form of cancer may also grow.

4. Pain in chest area If you are suffering from any persistent pain the chest area, whether you have cough or not, then it may be a lung cancer. The cancer cells can produce pain in the shoulders, chest or back where the cells are located. The discomfort or the chest pain can be due to enlarged lymph nodes or metastasis.

5. Frequent headaches and bone pains Frequent and persistent bone pain and headaches may signify that the cancer has spread to the bones and brain. The bone pain may get worsen at night when you are resting on your back and increases with movement. This is a clear sign of lung cancer. A lung tumour may pressurize the superior vena cava that triggers headaches. Be attentive to your pains and aches and discuss them with your doctor and get a thorough check up.

6. Change in cough If you smoke and have noticed a change in your cough or notice blood in your cough, you should seek a doctor immediately as it may be a symptom of lung cancer. A wheezing noise in the chest may signal a tumour present in the chest that is blocking the air passage.

If you notice any of these symptoms related to lung disease or in your family members, do not take it lightly and get a thorough check up done from a doctor immediately. The early diagnose of the lung cancer can help you to improve your fighting chances significantly.


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