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Rotational shifts are disrupting your metabolism

July 25, 2018

Working during the day and sleeping at night is the routine that fits our definition of a normal and regular life. Nothing is more satisfying than lying on the bed and dozing off at night after a hectic day at work.

Seems perfect, right? But what if the situation is reversed and your routine just goes the other way round?

It does seem a little unusual, but nowadays this has become a common phenomenon. Working schedules that are non-standard are making us vulnerable to many disorders and diseases. Let us take a look at how rotational shifts are disrupting your metabolism.

Disruption of the Biological Clocks

With sudden and unforeseen shifts occur in the work schedules of people, the entire biological clock of the organs is disturbed. Even though the brain slowly adapts to this schedule, our organs are not well adjusted with such disruption and it slowly begins to reflect on our overall health.

The disruption of the entire metabolism occurs when some cells in the body of the person send the signals to the brain that it is daytime while some say its night. This is caused by both changes in the sleeping patterns as well as alteration of eating habits.

Increased Risk of Heart Diseases and Cancer

When a worker works in opposite schedules, he or she is at increased risk of obesity, diabetes as well as heart diseases. The cells in their body have to work harder and this change can increase the risk of cancer. The chemical reactions are also altered to a great extent.

Eating Habits of Shift Workers

One of the most profound effects of night shifts is the disruption of the eating habits of shift workers. Instead of having complete meals, they tend to snack more frequently than others.

This also affects the intake of the nutrients and most often the body stays deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals and other vital nutrients that are required by the body. They are not able to dine with family and somehow that also has an impact on their eating habits.

Steps To Combat This Problem

While there is no replacement for a good night’s sleep but there are some steps that you can take to minimize the negative impact of night shifts on the metabolism.

1. Workplaces can have a policy that indicates serving healthy snacks, beverages, and meals to the workers. The company should allow its employees to take a proper break between meals so that they can maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

2. Increase your fluid intake to enhance the digestion of food. Disruption in sleeping patterns can cause digestive distress which can be cured to a great extent by keeping a proper intake of fluid.


Owing to the rise of the corporate culture at a global level, a lot of progress has taken place. But it is important for people to maintain a balance between work and sleep in order to maintain a good health. Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep.


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