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10 Foods to Keep your Heart Healthy

December 8, 2017

Did you know that up to 70% of heart diseases can be prevented with the right food choices and positive lifestyle?

Health specialists are continuously researching and developing Natural solutions for health issues and cardiovascular health is one of the prime areas to have developed prevention methods through diet plans.

Here are 10 simple food options to add to your diet which will improve your heart health as well as overall health.

Dry fruits and nuts: almonds, walnuts, raisins, are so full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and vitamin E which promote your heart health. They have high protein and fiber content as well as good cholesterol in them.

Salmon: this fish, whether boiled, grilled or baked, is rich in omega-3 and vitamins apart from anti-oxidants. These are all good for your health, especially heart.

Oatmeal: an easy way to keep cholesterol under check is to opt for oatmeal breakfast. choose plain and unprocessed oatmeal for best results. Flavoured and instant ones are usually an overdose of unnatural sugar.

Green tea: this is a widely accepted option for a healthy living. Rich in antioxidants, they can minimise hypertension and blood clots. They also regulate your metabolism and enhance your overall health.

Broccoli: broccoli and cauliflower are heart friendly vegetables with a lot of other benefits. This high fiber, low cholesterol vegetables with anti-oxidants are known to reduce chances of heart attacks.

Soy milk: high in the organic compound isoflavones, which help reduce cholesterol. Unlike animal milk, soy milk contains no cholesterol and is naturally low in fat. It helps boost circulation.

Whole grains: oat bran and rice help regulate cholesterol. Avoid processed, refined grains, which have been associated with heart ailments including clogged arteries.

Blueberries: fresh berries are packed with resveratrol and flavonoids, which are antioxidant that helps prevent coronary disease. Add them to your oatmeal and yogurt, or make smoothies.

Olive oil: extra virgin olive oils are purer one which contains higher levels of “good fat” and antioxidants to help unclog your arteries. They are considerably more healthy for your heart than vegetable oil.

Chocolate: the sweet friend if your heart is but health when it is unadulterated dark chocolate. They are known to lower blood pressure, because its flavonols relax arteries, and increase blood flow.

What’s good for your heart is good for your brain and good for you in general.

A simple trick to follow is to add these options (if not all, a combination of 3-4) to your daily diet.


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