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Top 4 Ways You Can Purify Your Lungs Naturally

August 27, 2018

Our lungs are one of the most important components of our body.

They help in extracting oxygen from the atmosphere and transfer into the blood. But do we take proper care of them? constantly our lungs have to fight against many pollutants and microbes which gradually deposit from the inhalation of the air.

Smokers are more prone to heart diseases as a layer of tar deposit around their lungs. So in order to keep our lungs healthy, we need to detoxify it for smooth functioning.

What causes dirty lungs?

There are various reasons why our lungs get dirty. Our atmosphere is filled with toxic gases emitted from factories chimney, vehicles and simultaneously the air we inhale is filled with dirt particles causing the lungs to be intoxicated.

Smoking is also the major cause of dirty lungs. It is a damaging activity that is known to stunt the normal functioning of lungs. Moreover, the dirty lungs can lead to many disorder like asthma, bronchitis etc.

So just like you take proper care for your body, you must also treat our lungs so that it is healthy and pure.

Environmental risk

When harmful particles, mist, gases, and vapours are inhaled, we are prone to environmental lung diseases. Lung diseases caused due to inhaled particle are also termed as pneumoconiosis.

Basically, the intensity of lung disease depends on the particles inhaled. Inhaling air that contains large particle may get trapped in the nose whereas small particles will reach the lungs. In the case of minute practicals, they even mixed with the bloodstream.

Our lungs can be harmed by different types of particles. It may be organic or inorganic.

The organic material comprises of carbon whereas inorganic material comes from nonliving sources. Metal and minerals are all inorganic sources.

Home remedies to detox lungs

We take 20000 breathe each day. People who are subjected to lung diseases face issues with these breaths. So it is important for you to feed on a healthy diet.

Make sure to eat healthy food that will give your body proper nourishment and will give you sufficient energy to breathe. Here are some of the recommended foods that you can opt for to energize your lungs.

Rosemary garlic roasted salmon:

This recipe is enriched with omega 3. According to to recent report it has been found that people who have included omega 3 in their diet saw a drop in inflammation of lungs.

Lung rejuvenate juice

Lung rejuvenator is a juice that comprises of watercress. This is beneficial to cure swollen breathing passage and smooth the lung.

Lemon is high in vitamin C and turpin comprises of vitamin A, both are antioxidant. This helps to better your lung health.

On the other hand, garlic serves as a natural antibiotic and antibacterial agent. You can have this drink once or twice a days to boost your lung health.

Lung stimulating smoothie

Smoothie contains oranges and lemons, both of these ingredients boost production of free radical within our body. The substances help us to breathe smoothly by reducing phlegm.

Moreover, pineapple is known for reduction of swelling and coughing. Additionally it contains enzyme bromelain which eliminates the debris from the lungs and detoxifying it naturally.

In order to serve it, combine the entire ingredients and blend it in a high-speed blender and have it.

Green tea

Having herbal green tea before going to bed is a great way to keep your lungs healthy and pure. If you are a smoker you must opt for this solution daily. This is an option really work wonder for lungs.

Lemon juice

You can take one-two glass of lemon juice before you go to bed. However if lemon is not available you can also opt for pineapple juice.

Apart from other health benefits of lemon juice it plays a crucial role in detoxifying your lungs. The same thing is applicable for pineapple juice too. Including any of this option in your diet will be of great benefit.

Keeping your surrounding clean

Air environment

Lung problems are typically faced by people who live in the city. The pollution level there is too high leading to poor inhalation. Well, do not worry, here you will be suggested some tips to keep yourself in a good condition whatever the place your stay.

Search for ventilated areas

Make sure to stay away from smokey places. Even if you see a person smoking do not stay in front of him.

There are a lot of air purifiers available in the market you can consider investing on those. Note that it has HEPA filter within it. HEPA filter purifiers are much more efficient than ozone cleaner.

Open your window let the air come into your house. When you sleep you can open the windows this will allow you to get access to open air. You can also open the door on your bedroom in case if you cannot open the window.

Keeping your home clean

Make sure to keep your carpets clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt particle over it. Once in a while take time to remove dust from shelves and various objects around your rooms. Dust accumulates very fast and getting rid of them is necessary.

Replace your wood burning stoves by LPG cylinder. Wood burning stoves are very harmful and can choke your lungs.

Things to avoid

In order to improve the condition of your lungs, there are a lot of things you must avoid.

Quit smoking

Smoking means you are subjected to nicotine and tobacco, both the substances are hazardous to lungs. Further smoking can cause infection in the lungs and may even lead to lung cancer.

It destroys your lungs and put you in the mouth of many lung diseases. So if you are a smoker then the first step is to quit smoking as early as possible.

Say no to dairy products

It is very hard to say goodbye to dairy products. Dairy products such as milk, curd are essential but yes they do contain lot of toxins that destroy the lungs.

So if you decide to purify your lungs make sure to cut off dairy products. Once you are relieved you can again include dairy products in your diet.

A Quick lists that you must follow to expect better lungs within a short span of time.

  • Quit smoking
  • Stop using wood burning stoves
  • Stop dairy products
  • Stay away from the smoke
  • Avoid dust particles

Well above mentioned points is all about cleaning your lungs. Cleaning your lungs is not an easy task and the process might be different for different people. Some may see faster result while other might have to wait longer to get the best results.

However, in the beginning, it will take some time to incur new habits. Do not step away from it, hold your patience and gradually grow habits to expect a better lung health.


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