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Side Effects of Eating Too Much Chocolate

Novermber 2, 2018

Chocolate is one of those delicious foods that offer wonderful benefits to people. But as it is said that excess of everything is bad. This tasty food can be incredibly good for your health but at the same time bad also.

Chocolate can be good for many people, but some people are more sensitive to caffeine and other compounds of chocolate. Eating too much chocolate may result in adverse effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, stomach problem, palpitations, insomnia or extra systoles.

Though the benefits offered by chocolate are no less than its side effects due to its too much consumption, still people should avoid eating it too much. Some of the possible side effects that can be caused due to eating too much of chocolate are discussed here.

Anxiety and irregular heart beat Chocolates are rich in caffeine that positively boosts energy of a person. However, when taken in excess, it can result in side effects like irregular and fast heartbeats, dizziness, and sweating and increased anxiety.

Gastrointestinal Issues: Eating too much chocolate can result in gastrointestinal discomfort as the nature of caffeine is acidic. Acidic foods can lead to bouts of heartburn, acid reflux issues and inflamed stomach ulcers. Too much of caffeine can worsen your gastrointestinal issues.

Weight GainChocolates contain high amount of calories which leads to inadequate weight gain. Increased weight can further result in problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

High Potassium: Chocolate is a potassium rich food, which is not good for people who suffer from adrenal disease and kidney disease. They need to avoid potassium rich foods. Hence, eating too much of chocolate is not meant for such people.

Acid Reflux Issue: Chocolate can cause irritation in the stomach lining as it allows gastric juice to pass through the oesophagus. The gastric juice irritates the oesophagus which results in a burning sensation in the chest known as heartburn.

Acne:Most common side effect of eating too much of chocolate is that it causes acne. Acne can be triggered due to any compound present in the chocolate, be it milk, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa solids or other elements.

The side effects of chocolate on a person depends upon the fact that how you respond to the different compounds of its composition. Since, it is an individual response; an element may be good for one person but bad for another.

So, it depends on how your body reacts after eating it. However, eating too much of chocolate will definitely lead to some side effects on your body.


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