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7 Best Exercise To Keep Your Heart Healthy Forever

February 24, 2018

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is any form of activity is said to improve heart and lung fitness for people of any age. Experts say 150 minutes or 75 minutes of aerobic activity every week will prove great goodness to your heart.

You can also break them into intervals by doing 15 minutes to 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise every day.


It is the best exercise you can give your heart. You can clock in walking time by walking to work, walking to the grocery store or taking a brisk stroll in the park. A fast pace walk will increase the intensity level and keep your heart healthy.


It is an easy exercise on the joints that you can do either in the gym or outdoors on your bike. Peddling, a cardiovascular activity, will strengthen and tone your lower body as well as your core muscles. Join a cycling club and enjoy explore off-roads with a healthy heart.


Swimming is the best and the safest aerobic exercise to do if you have joint ache or arthritis. Two and a half hours of swimming per week, in the water, which gives multi-directional resistance to your body, is all the aerobics you need. This will improve your muscular strength and lessen the stress on your bones and joints.


Running is the best calorie burn exercise if you are looking at weight loss and to increase your heart health. If you are a beginner, start by taking brisk walks and 1 or 2 minutes of running to every 5-minute walk. Increase the minutes you run gradually as you get fit.


Music has a healing influence on your heart. Dancing is also an aerobic exercise as it involves high impact to low impact full body movement. Use a comfortable footwear and dance all you want to your favourite music. You can also enjoy company at your nearest Zumba class.

Weight training

It is again the best exercise to lose weight and also for a healthy heart. Your heart rate increases during reps and recovers during breaks. This type of interval training will strengthen the muscles and ease the overall load on the heart. Free weights will build your core strength and bring a balance.

Climb the stairs

You might feel breathless after climbing few steps which indicate your heart is not as healthy as it should be. Climbing stairs will get you into a maximum heart rate of 50 and 85 percent, which is the aim of any aerobic exercise. Your maximum heart rate should be 200 minus your age.

Before you plan out your exercise routine, consult your doctor to check if it is right for your age, health and fitness condition.


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