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5 reasons why walk is the best workout

May 29, 2018

Walking is considered to be the most effective and easiest exercise.

One can take out time every day to walk a few distances to refresh their mind and enhance their fitness. Walking for a considerable amount of time will pump your heart faster which will let you stay fit and improve your overall health conditions.

Walking 30 minutes a day will let you burn a huge amount of calorie.

Effective as running

If you do not hold strong desire to run then you can walk, if walking is done properly it will burn as many calories as running.

Walking is very effective and if it is done in a disciplined way you will be the fittest one. Walking enhance your cardiovascular health by burning calories, however, it is recommended to get the best result you must walk at a high intensity.

Fear of injury is less

Unlike other exercises like a cardio workout and weight training where there is a huge risk if injuries, walking do not demand your muscles utilization to an optimum level and so there is no chance of injury.

However, if you are walking on a street with your smartphone then you are prone to accidents.

Do not increase your walking distance initially, gradually extend your distance.

If you walk for long distance initially it can lead to injury as your muscles are not accustomed to it. I think if you put too much pressure on your muscles at initial stages then it can cause severe injuries, so it is always recommended to increase mileage gradually and not too fast.

Versatile workout

Walking is quite static activity but one can easily level up the difficulty.

One can be more into fitness if he chooses to walk up the terrain, which will not only help them to stay fit but also will make them refreshed and rejuvenated.

One can easily boost the intensity of walking by utilizing their arms for walking faster, walk upon the hills for endurance, or one can even choose stairs to enhance the resistance further.

Improves mental health

While walking you’re are basically spending time with nature, and according to studies, it has shown that spending time with nature reduces depression, anxiety and helps you to stay mentally fit.

Performing this activity on a regular basis, you will feel much more energetic and you will get the confidence to take any challenge without fear.

An accessible form of exercise

You do not need special equipment or accessories to walk, the only thing you need is a little bit space where you can walk, which is obviously not an issue.

You can walk in filed or no road or on your courtyard and that is why walking can be called as an accessible form of exercise.


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