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COPD - Know the Signs and Symptoms & Get the Facts

March 30, 2019

Ever come across any situation where someone has serious coughing, breathlessness and restlessness? But the disease detected is neither tuberculosis nor any other of such sort? Then maybe it is COPD! COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is an advanced and increasing disease, where the person affected finds it difficult to breathe. This disease is rapidly growing all across the globe. As per the statistics of various countries like USA and India, COPD is surpassing Malaria, Dengue, and TB, and this is a major reason of concern globally. COPD is also known as Emphysema or Chronic Bronchitis.

copd know the signs and symptoms and get thefacts

Causes of COPD - There are various reasons for the onset of this disease. Some of the main reasons are:

Exposure to lung aggravations and irritants that harm the lungs and to polluted surroundings, for a long period of time, is normally the reason for COPD.

The most well-known aggravations that cause COPD are due to smoking. It can be through any of the devices like through cigar or stogie, pipes or through cigarettes, and also through different kinds of tobacco smoke, can cause COPD, particularly if the smoke is breathed in.

A very big reason for the cause of COPD is due to a rare genetic condition, where people have low levels of the blood of alpha-1 antitrypsin.

Passive smoking, which is noticeable from other individuals, air contamination; or the synthetic fumes from industries or earthly specks of dust or working environment are some of the reasons which additionally adds to COPD. A few people who have asthma can get caught into COPD.

Symptoms and Signs

COPD may occur with either no side effects or with just mellow indications. But as the illness deteriorates, side effects generally turned out to be increasingly extreme. Some of the Common signs and symptoms of COPD are:

  • The tightness of chest or snugness.
  • Whistling noise or a squeaky sound while breathing.
  • Cough with excess mucus, which is unusual.
  • Breathlessness, particularly while doing any heavy physical activity.
  • Extreme COPD can cause different indications, for example, swelling in your lower legs, feet, or legs; reduction of weight; and lower muscle continuance.

But it is to note that not every person who has the side effects depicted above has COPD. Similarly, not every person who has COPD has these signs. Only a doctor or specialist can decide whether one is having COPD or not.


It is sad to note that there is no proper cure to COPD. Some medications like Bronchodilators can be incorporated in the regimen. It relaxes the breathing process and makes it easier. Flu causes more serious problems to patients of COPD. Flu shots can lower the risk of getting the flu.

So to sum up, since there is no proper cure, one has to keep in mind the important ways like bringing change in the lifestyle of the person. Giving up smoking is the most effective step one can take to combat and prevent this. COPD, when gets severe, can be worse, and can even be fatal. Thus medical attention is required must, and without which there has to be no step taken in terms of medications and cure.


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