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Asthma Symptoms and Treatments You Should Know

December 03, 2019

Asthma is a condition where your airways become narrow and swell up due to the submission of extra mucus in the passageway. This makes breathing quite difficult and might even cause shortness of breath.

For some people, this might be a small issue but for others, it might cause a hamper in their day to day activities which might also lead to a life-threatening asthma attack.

Asthma cannot be cured. But it can be controlled if its symptoms are well known. Make sure that you contact your doctor in case something serious happens and adjust the treatment likewise.

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Asthma symptoms do vary from person to person. Some might have a different and serious problem than yours; therefore, you should always be careful when examining what sort of asthma you have.

The signs of asthma include:

1. Shortness of breath

2. Chest pain or tightness

3. You might have trouble sleeping due to shortness of breath or even coughing and sneezing

4. Whistling sound while taking a breath

5. Coughing frequently which gets worsened at the time of a cold or flu

The sign which might indicate your asthma attack is becoming worsened are as follows:

1. Asthma signs which are become worse with time passing by

2. Difficulty in breathing increases

3. The need to use an inhaler more often than usual


You should know when to see a doctor. These are as follows:

Seek a medical emergency

Severe asthma attacks could be quite panicking and life-threatening too. Always make sure that you have your doctor available in case the condition worsens over time. The signs of an asthma emergency include:

1. Rapid worsening of breathing and shortness in the breath

2. No improvement even after using an inhaler

3. Shortness of breath whenever you are doing a very minimalistic physical activity.

Contact your doctor

Always make sure that you contact your doctor when you feel like you need help

1. If you think you have asthma: if your coughing becomes worse with days passing by and eventually it lasts more than a week or so, make sure that you contact your doctor. Early treatment of asthma can help you prevent long term lung damage and eventually help you to survive asthma in the long run.

2. Monitor your asthma condition after a good diagnosis: if you have been diagnosed with asthma make sure that you contact your doctor once in a while. Good long term control might help you to recover faster than usual and also might save you from a life-threatening asthma attack.

3. In case your asthma symptoms get worsened over time: contact your doctor right away if you think your condition is not getting healed over time or even if you need an inhaler more often than usual. Do not ever try to solve your condition by taking the medication in overdose than normal. Overusing the same might cause a worse situation which will, in turn, cause the side effects to get worsened overtime.


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